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This one is like vagina-owner-on-top, in heterosexual, cis-gendered couples, except with the genders reversed. Five minutes of pleasure sounds a lot better than five minutes of no pleasure at all. If you're accustomed to variations of missionary sex and there's no shame in that , trying a position with less eye contact can feel a little weird. One usual factor as to why breaks up take place is that the partners fail to sustain their sexual intimacy. How to do it: Have your partner hop up on your kitchen counter and enter her from a face-to-face standing position. If you can find a wall for support, then this will make this position a little bit easier, since you'll have something to hold onto, ideally preventing you from falling.

10 New Sex Positions That Are Really Just Fresh Takes on Your Favorites

10 Sex Positions That Will Get Her Off Every Time

If a female is on top, she can move her pelvis up and down to control the stimulation of her clitoris. This is a great position for two woman having sex with another, but can be done with heterosexual couples as well. This position works well in showers, but partners should be cautious at all times because of the increased chance of slipping and falling. Be warned though, this is not for the faint-hearted, or for over-eager beginners! Luckily, there are many ways to spice things up in your love life; from using some sensual sex toys, to getting your taste buds involved with some delicious tasting props. Get more stuff Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox. Confidence can come from feeling a little more deviant than usual, and this position is a great way to flex your sexual-rule-breaking muscles.

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Culture Finding Fred Episode 8: Christof. Though this position is technically similar to doggy style, it offers a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to getting more confident in bed — because you're not in bed at all. The nice thing about this position is that both people have easy access to several different erogenous zones. You shimmy up behind her. Why you should do it: In many pseudo-doggy-style positions, the clitoris is difficult to access, making it harder for women to achieve orgasm.
Like fatherly on Facebook. This creates a better angle for entry and will help your man find your G-spot with ease. How to do it: Similar to the Figure Skater, but with the woman lying face-down on the bed, with her legs wrapped backwards around her standing partner. It doesn't matter if you're in a committed, long-term relationship, or you're hot on the dating scene —it's all too easy for all of us to fall into a routine, or simply rely on "what works," when you're having sex. Giving your partner a great view while enjoying the added bonus of all the grinding-against-the-leg action is a great way to both have an awesome orgasm. Though some may shy away from this position because it looks "difficult," it's actually worth your while to give it a shot. Lazy sex syndrome is definitely a real thing—and for good reason.
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